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I’ve been doing quite a bit with python, django, and Google app engine lately. In a word, it’s awesome, but more to come on that later. I use Mac OS X 10.5.3 right now with python 2.5.2. Very often, python simply dies with the cryptic “Bus Error,” which I can only assume means that something […]

Matthew Good. What can I say? I think the guy is a great songwriter and a great musician. I like his music. BUT. I just saw him at the Odeon with around 700 other people, and walked away with somewhat mixed emotions. Great music, but absolutely no connection with the audience. No talking; it almost […]

Google I/O 2008


Google I/O is Google’s premier developer conference. A key theme is definitely pervasive: Google feels the Internet is the platform and that developers (the “geekosystem”) are key to its continued dominance. In the opening day keynote, Vic Gundotra (VP Engineering) had a freshingly blunt answer to the question as to why Google was developing so […]

Google launched a limited access program for their Google App Engine. I landed solidly on the waiting list, but have been able to check out the local developer environment. Bottom line: it’s very cool. It’s based on python with a very Django-like framework. By far and away the coolest thing is the Google-proprietary Datastore/BigTable. This […]

I have been lucky enough to work with very driven, intelligent, capable, talented people in my career. There is a weird side-effect of this. Often, due to a wide range of talents, these teams often find themselves building everything themselves. “We can do that, and no one can do it as well as us,” is […]


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