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We have a templatetag, called scurl, that needs to look at the HttpRequest object. Django’s templating system provides a straight-forward, yet wordy, mechanism to pass the request object in to the template:   def my_view(request):     return render_to_response(“myview.html”, context_instance=RequestContext(request)) The render method of our scurl templatetag gets access to this context and thus access to the HttpRequest. […]

So, here we sit, uncertain of our first steps…. Here at VendAsta, we’ve just kicked off our Friday afternoon jam sessions. Starting at noon, we bring in lunch and all get together in adhoc groups and work on projects of interest. Anything. Well, anything software. It’s an odd feeling though to have all constraints lifted […]

Code review is a vital mechanism for ensuring conventions and patterns, as well as spreading knowledge of solutions and technologies throughout a team. We have been evaluating Crucible as a formal tool for tracking comments and laying the comments alongside the actual code. The cool thing is that it integrates (somewhat) with Fisheye, Jira, and […]

I’ve been doing quite a bit with python, django, and Google app engine lately. In a word, it’s awesome, but more to come on that later. I use Mac OS X 10.5.3 right now with python 2.5.2. Very often, python simply dies with the cryptic “Bus Error,” which I can only assume means that something […]

Matthew Good. What can I say? I think the guy is a great songwriter and a great musician. I like his music. BUT. I just saw him at the Odeon with around 700 other people, and walked away with somewhat mixed emotions. Great music, but absolutely no connection with the audience. No talking; it almost […]

Google I/O 2008


Google I/O is Google’s premier developer conference. A key theme is definitely pervasive: Google feels the Internet is the platform and that developers (the “geekosystem”) are key to its continued dominance. In the opening day keynote, Vic Gundotra (VP Engineering) had a freshingly blunt answer to the question as to why Google was developing so […]

Google launched a limited access program for their Google App Engine. I landed solidly on the waiting list, but have been able to check out the local developer environment. Bottom line: it’s very cool. It’s based on python with a very Django-like framework. By far and away the coolest thing is the Google-proprietary Datastore/BigTable. This […]


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